Announcing updates for a more Viewabo customer experience

We have released exciting updates for Viewabo, and we think you will love them! Our team has been hard at work creating improvements to make things easier for you. And now we’re releasing them into the wild! If you don’t know what Viewabo is yet, here’s a quick explainer video to get you quickly up to speed:

Viewabo Live

Viewabo Live is our primary tool, which helps you see what your customers see in real-time, making diagnosing and resolving issues much easier and faster.

There’s no app for your customers to download or install. They receive an SMS (or email), click the link, and can start sending you a live-streaming video of what they are seeing. It is useful when your customers don’t know how to explain the issues they are seeing. You can also annotate on their phone’s screen to guide them on what they need to do to help you diagnose and resolve their issue.

In this update, we’ve revamped our user interface to make things easier for you.


Viewabo is available as a standalone tool without any integrations, which is our preferred way to use Viewabo. However, we also offer integrations with popular help desk systems. To get setup with these integrations, please get in touch with us.


Viewabo started as a Zendesk app, and we’ve made updates to how the integration works within Zendesk. Previously, Viewabo resided solely in the sidebar of the Zendesk interface. To use Viewabo, you had to go into an existing ticket, open the sidebar if it wasn’t already open, and find Viewabo amongst your other apps. 

In our update, we’ve moved the Viewabo app into the top bar of the Zendesk interface. Viewabo is now easier to find and use when you need to get started quickly.


Many people have asked us about a Freshdesk integration, and we now we have one! You can now use Viewabo without leaving your Freshdesk interface. Contact us to learn more about this integration.

Viewabo Request (beta)

Viewabo Request is a new tool (currently in beta) we are releasing that allows you to request your customers to submit a video recording of their issues on their own time without needing an app on their side.

Your customers can submit video recordings when you’re not available and you can review them when you have time. There’s no app for your customer to download or install. They are sent a link and they can submit a video recording directly using their phone’s camera. There’s no need for customers to manually record a video, open their email client or go to a web form, search for the video on their phone, and attempt to upload it while staying within file size limits.


We are releasing self-service capabilities to allow you to sign up and try us out on your own. Previously, you had to contact us to get started, and while that’s an excellent way for us to get to know you and understand how we could solve your problems, not everyone wants to talk to a salesperson before they get started. 

We’d Love To Hear From You

We’re always seeking ways to make things as easy and frictionless as possible. We’d love to hear from you and learn about how you’re trying to improve your customers’ experiences.

Click here to learn how Viewabo’s video support tools can help you to see what your customer sees.