Earn Rewards by Partnering with Viewabo

Announcing Viewabo’s Referral Partner Program

Viewabo’s broader mission is to shape the future of customer experience by making remote support better than in-person support. We’re announcing our Referral Partner Program to unlock the power of remote visual support to take customer support to the next level.

Join Viewabo in a winning partnership to exceed customers’ expectations and get rewards by introducing clients to us.

Why Partner with Viewabo?

Today, we seek to partner with those interested in earning rewards, creating frictionless customer experiences, and focusing on long-term success.

Get rewarded by joining Viewabo's Referral Partner Program
Partner with Viewabo to earn rewards by introducing clients to us.

Viewabo is the business of remote visual support. We’re aiming to make customer support better communication, leading to a faster resolution and a better customer experience by enabling businesses to see things the way their customers see them without needing to install an app.

Viewabo Remote Visual Support Tools

Live Video Support: Viewabo Live allows an agent to send an SMS link to access a customer’s phone camera. Once clicked, the agent can see in real-time what the customer sees and guide the customer to the problem’s source.

Viewabo Live
Viewabo Live allows agents to zero in on customers’ issues in real-time without the hassles of an app.

Async Video Support: Viewabo Request is the easiest way to allow customers to send video recordings to the agent directly from their phone when the agent is unavailable without an app! Customers can record and submit a video recording directly using their phone’s camera without worrying about file limits or sending emails.

Viewabo Request
Viewabo Request allows customers to submit video recordings of their issues during off-hours without installing an app.

Both tools do not require the customer to log in, enter a code, or download anything.

By joining Viewabo’s Referral Partner Program, you can:

By joining Viewabo’s Referral Partner Program, you can help others:

  • Provide exceptional service: Viewabo is easy-to-use with frictionless technical support tools to reduce headaches and operational costs. 
  • Stand out from competitors: Use Viewabo for remote visual support to take customer support to the next level and separate from the competition.
  • Expand the reach: Use Viewabo to reach new audiences with the value of remote visual support for faster resolution.

Join Viewabo’s Referral Partner Program!

Viewabo’s Referral Partners receive a 20% commission on every paying customer’s first-year subscription. For example, a Standard Plan with 10 licenses is priced at $4,800 annually, so you would receive $960 if your referral subscribes.

The more referrals you get, the bigger your rewards!

Viewabo currently offers commissions for annual Standard Plan subscriptions only. So refer all prospects to Viewabo’s Standard Plan

You can find more information about Viewabo’s Referral Partner Program by visiting: www.viewabo.com/partners/referrals