Mobile Web for an Easier Field Service Experience

Viewabo Mobile Web is the newest addition to Viewabo for technical support or service agents to troubleshoot on the fly and communicate with their customers on their mobile devices from any location. 

Today, we’re helping Viewabo users take their support workflow to the next level — we’ve released Viewabo Mobile Web so that technicians who work in the field can easily diagnose problems from their mobile devices with Viewabo anytime, anywhere. 

Viewabo Mobile Web is available in all the plans in Viewabo. If you’re a legacy customer, please contact our team to learn more about updating your subscription.

As an agent, you can now log in to Viewabo directly from your mobile devices via a web browser. Once you’re logged into Viewabo Mobile Web, you’ll have 3 ways to connect with your customers–SMS, Email, and Link. 

Take Viewabo With You

Support doesn’t stop when you leave your computer. For busy days on the go, Viewabo Mobile Web has you covered.

How to start a live session from your mobile phone in Viewabo

Collaborate, Diagnose, Troubleshoot on the go.
Use Viewabo Mobile Web to diagnose, troubleshoot, and collaborate in the field.

Start a live session in Viewabo Mobile Web is super simple, just follow these steps: 

  1. Log in Viewabo via
  2. Choose which way you want to connect with your customers (SMS, Email, Link). 
  3. Choose Viewabo Live as your support tool. Allow your mic and camera access to start a live session. 
  4. Annotate to guide for diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  5. Pause the video when you need a clear view. 

How to use Viewabo Mobile Web when live support isn’t an option?

Keep support flowing on the go with Viewabo Mobile Web.
Use Viewabo Mobile Web to request a video from your customers while on the go.

Need to take a look at a customer’s issues, but you’re not available? We got you! Here is what to do: 

  1. Choose Viewabo Request as your support tool.
  2. Your customers will receive a link, and they can record a video of their issues. 
  3. Your customer will submit the recording on their own time. 
  4. Review the video recording from your email notification or on the video replay page after they submit their video recording. 

Why you should use Viewabo Mobile Web for remote support

Being able to use Viewabo from any location has been a highly-requested feature from Viewabo users that work in the field. Here are the benefits for technicians who are not at their desks:

  • Direct & Easy Access: Go beyond desktop applications, Viewabo Mobile Web helps agents easily meet where customers are through a mobile phone. 
  • Mobility & Effectiveness: Viewabo Mobile Web brings efficiency and enhances communication across field teams in a remote setting.
  • Cost Per Contact Reduction: The longer you service a customer, or a contact, the higher the cost associated with this contact. Viewabo Mobile Web allows customer support agents to troubleshoot at their fingertips–anytime, anywhere. This helps reduce resolution time and support costs.
An Easier Field Experience all from your phone.
You can access Viewabo wherever you need it:

Access Viewabo Wherever You Go

Move support forward at any time by connecting with your customers, diagnosing, and troubleshooting on your phone.