Take the frustration out of customer service calls

Take the frustration out of customer service calls.

Viewabo makes solving customer issues fast, simple & painless.

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How Does It Work?

1. Send your customer a link via SMS, email, or manually.

Agent sends SMS to customer

2. Your customer clicks to allow access to their rear-facing smartphone camera.

Customer allows access to smartphone camera

3. Real-time video appears on your screen. Now you can see what your customer sees.

Agent can see live-streamed video from the Customer

4. Annotate, pause, or rotate the video stream to solve the problem faster.

Agent can annotate on the Customer's screen

Cut through the confusion with real-time video support.

When you sell a complex product, service calls can get pretty hairy. It’s hard to diagnose problems without seeing them, and most customers hate having to help you do it. Viewabo lets you see what your customer sees, so you can get to the bottom of issues faster.

Create frictionless customer experiences—no app needed.

Having to call customer service is a pain. Telling customers they need to download and install an app to get help adds insult to injury. Viewabo lets you initiate a real-time video stream without a customer-facing app, so you can quickly get calls on track for success.

Think inside the box: achieve perfect clarity with visual cues.

Need to see a specific part of the product? Want to draw the customer’s attention to a loose cable or damaged component? Stop wasting time on verbal directions and guessing games—use the cursor or annotate the stream to show the customer exactly what you mean.

Build knowledge and skills with a video library.

Every customer interaction is a learning opportunity. Viewabo records and saves your video streams so you can review them later. Use your video library to train agents, develop your knowledge base, or keep your product development team in the loop. 

"With Viewabo, our agents can be right there with our customers, showing them how to troubleshoot issues and get the most from our products."
- Johnny, CEO at NZXT
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