Plans & Billing

Purchase additional seats

You can purchase additional seats at any time during your current subscription. 

While all users can use Viewabo Request, your licensed seats allow activated users to use Viewabo Live. 

To purchase additional seats, visit your Billing page.

Use Viewabo for free

Viewabo has a free plan available for users who only want to use Viewabo Request.

Our free trial allows you to invite as many other users as you’d like to request videos from your customers. 

While help desk integrations are not available with the free plan, all request videos are saved and organized under the Viewabo web app.

Cancel your plan

If you’d like to cancel your Viewabo plan: 

  1. Visit our contact page. 
  2. Under the “Choose your issue below” dropdown field, select “Cancel my subscription”
  3. Please provide a reason for cancellation.
  4. Submit. Your subscription will be scheduled to cancel at the end of your current subscription term.

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