Customer Service Tiers

Customer Service Just Got More Personal

Customer service is essential to any company, as it can make or break customer loyalty and satisfaction. However, managing a customer service department can be daunting, especially for businesses with limited resources. 

Customer service is usually divided into three tiers. A customer may start at Tier 1 and then escalated to higher level tiers until their issue is resolved.

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The Three Tiers Of Customer Service

Tier 1: This level is primarily focused on handling basic customer inquiries and support services. It is the most common occurring customer service inquiry, as it requires minimal expertise and can be easily automated. Tier 1 customer service includes responding to frequently asked questions (FAQs), processing orders, handling general inquiries, and providing basic email, phone, and chatbot support.

Tier 2 : Tier 2 customer service involves handling more complex customer inquiries that require higher expertise that Tier 1 could not solve. Examples of Tier 2 include technical support, billing inquiries, and complaint resolutions. This level requires a more skilled workforce, which is more expensive than Tier 1.

Tier 3: Tier 3 customer service involves handling the most complex customer inquiries and requires the highest level of expertise. This includes in-depth technical support, complex complaint resolutions, and specialized customer service needs often requiring engineers or product experts. Tier 3 is the most expensive to offer of the three tiers and requires the most skilled workforce. Examples of Tier 3 customer service include high-level technical support, product integration support, and specialized service needs.  

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How Viewabo Can Help With Tier 2 and 3 Customer Services

Most companies handle their Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer service functions well as they are less complex and require less specialized knowledge. However starting at Tier 2 customer service inquires can become more challenging as it requires the customer representative to be more involved in figuring out complex problems remotely. This is where Viewabo can help.

Viewabo allows customer service representatives to see what the customer sees, making diagnosing and resolving customer issues easier. With Viewabo, customer service representatives can quickly identify problems and provide personalized solutions, improving customer satisfaction and speed to resolution. Viewabo’s solution is particularly helpful for customer service representiatives as it allows representatives to quickly understand customer issues and provide practical solutions without going through long checklists and guesswork.

Viewabo’s solution is most effective for Tier 2 and Tier 3 customer service. This is because Tier 2 and Tier 3 customer service inquiries are often more complex and require higher levels of expertise, which can be challenging to handle remotely. For example, Tier 2 customer service inquiries may involve technical support for a product or service. The customer may have difficulty describing the issue they are experiencing, especially if they are a new user. With Viewabo’s solution, customer service representatives can see the problem in real-time and provide faster, more effective resolutions. Often figuring out what is the problem takes the most amount of time and resources. 

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Similarly, Tier 3 customer service inquiries may involve specialized support needs. Viewabo’s solution can help representatives diagnose and resolve issues more efficiently as information and testing of resolution options can go much quicker over video call. Seeing the issue in real-time can help representatives better understand the problem and provide personalized resolutions.

Make Customer Service Tiers A Little Easier

Customer service tier handling for many companies help split the work between different teams efficiently. Still, it can lead to many problems without careful planning, training, and tools. Maintaining high customer satisfaction when handling different customer service tiers can be challenging. Viewabo’s solution can help bridge the gap between customer service representatives and the end customers. Thus, Viewabo can help companies improve customer satisfaction, speed to resolution, and the effectiveness of their customer service.