See what your customer sees

Viewabo enables you to quickly see through your customer's smartphone camera so that they can show you their issues instead of trying to describe them.


Visualize your support

No app, no hassles.
Effortlessly connect with customers through a SMS link. With a tap, they empower you to resolve their issues as if you were right there.
Show, don't tell.
Elevate your support with on-screen annotations during live video sessions, creating a visual guide that guarantees successful issue resolution.
Pause, for clarity.
Freeze the customer's video at your command. Uncover details, enhance collaboration, and accelerate towards seamless issue resolution.
Record, for the Record.
Utilize recorded sessions for internal training, elevate performance, and increase efficiencies through insightful analysis and fine-tuning.

Trusted by innovative teams

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Supercharge your productivity!

Unlock your potential with Viewabo

We've worked with amazing people

"Viewabo has gotten some great feedback from our customers. It is easy to use for both support and the end-user."

Director of Support

"I was on Viewabo and it turned out that the user didn’t hook up the cables right. If it wasn’t for Viewabo, I don’t think I would have been able to solve that case."

Tech Support Rep

“The ability to highlight certain areas on the screen with different color boxes does come in handy when showing our customers what parts to look out for. Overall, it takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what the customer is trying to explain to us. We can literally see what they’re seeing in real-time and not have to wait for emails to come with pictures.”

Tech Support Lead

"With Viewabo, support takes way less time now. Before using Viewabo, sometimes it would take me 40 minutes, now it’s 3-5 minutes, 10 minutes tops."

Tech Support Rep

“This was an awesome way to get the help I needed and I didn’t have to fumble my way through an explanation, haha.”

End Customer

"My staff uses the service daily, and it’s prevented several misdiagnosed issues. Overall the savings in misdiagnosed parts pays for the service and keeps our customers happier."

Tech Support Manager

“Video was very helpful and the fact that the service member could highlight things for me was very cool and helped a lot.”

End Customer

"A picture is worth a thousand words - imagine a live video. Very useful for troubleshooting filters and softeners at a distance and allows me to view exactly what the plumber is viewing at his end. Technical service is way more productive with it."

Customer Service Rep

“Remote support for problems of advanced products requires more than just text or communication to solve. We feel it helps us save time and get happier customers.”

Customer Support Manager

“The easy access where the program is simple to use even for elderly customers or those who don't feel like they are in touch with technology.”

Tech Support Specialist