The Future of Remote Support is Visual

Built for operational efficiency. Designed for team collaboration. Viewabo makes technical support easier and faster by making a phone camera become your eyes.

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No App,
No Hassle

Connect to customers simply via an SMS link. Customers click on the link to share their smartphone camera so you can solve their issues as if you were there.

How It Works
A customer service agent uses SMS to send a customer their Viewabo link
A mobile device and desktop screen are streaming the same PC build issue

Show, Don't Tell

Why tell customers how to fix their issues when you can show them instead? Annotate on-screen during live video sessions to show them what to do.

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Pause, for Clarity

Freeze-frame the customer’s video at any time to get a clearer view and see more details, making it easier to collaborate towards a resolution.

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Desktop display playing a video of the PC build issue

Record, for the Record

Save time by sharing how you support. Just a click away to share recordings to collaborate with other teams to reach your goals more efficiently.

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Pain-Free Visual Support

Viewabo remote visual support transforms frustrating customer experiences into easier diagnosis and faster resolutions with visual cues, making everyone’s lives easier than with traditional support methods.

Help Desk Integrations

Already using a customer support system like Zendesk or Freshdesk? No problem. Viewabo remote visual support software can seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow.

Take Viewabo with You

Support doesn’t stop when you leave your computer. For busy days on the go, Viewabo Mobile Web has you covered. Scan the QR code with your phone to get started.

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Closed Captions

Dig into the details of your support interactions. Documentation and compliance is a breeze with Viewabo recordings and closed transcriptions.

Desktop device annotating an issue on the video stream from the mobile device

How Viewabo Works

Copy, text, or email a link to your customer to begin a live video session or to request a video recording.


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Connect With a Link

Send the customer an SMS link; get access to their phone camera for full visibility.


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See What They See

Mobile video support allows you and the customer to identify the issue more quickly.


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Annotate and Pause

Annotate and pause video on the screen to provide fast diagnosis and immediate guidance.


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Solve and Save

Viewabo sessions are recorded and saved for record-keeping or internal training.

Why Viewabo

Remove Customer Frustration

Turn customer frustration into customer satisfaction. Viewabo remote visual support helps you remove the guesswork of trying to figure out what customers said by enabling you to see what they see.

Desktop device annotating an issue on the video stream from the mobile device

Shorten Resolution Time

No more of the verbal ambiguity that you might get with phone support. Viewabo remote visual support software provides real-time visual tools to help with diagnosis and issue resolutions.

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Reduce Lost Business

You run the risk of losing that customer forever if it takes too long or requires too many touch points to resolve an issue. Viewabo provides a frictionless remote customer support experience with visual assistance.

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Cut Customer Service Costs

Eliminate costs associated with in-person servicing, unnecessary RMAs, and support team burnout when you can quickly identify the correct issue without all the back-and-forth with customers.

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"We could spend 30 minutes with a customer going over cables one by one to find the right one, but with Viewabo, it can be done in seconds."

- Director of Customer Service at NZXT

"Viewabo has gotten some great feedback from our customers. It is easy to use for both support and the end-user."

-Director of Support at Bevi

"We can quickly set up a session without any hassle and without the customer's frustration, making it easy and fast to help them with their tech problems."

-- Tech support representative at CyberPowerPC

"Customers are quite surprised when we use Viewabo. They say 'Wow! You guys are actually able to see what I'm seeing right now!"

-- Tech support representative at CyberPowerPC

"I was on Viewabo and it turned out that the user didn't hook up the cables right. If it wasn't for Viewabo I don't think I would have been able to solve that case."

-- Tech Support Representative at CyberPowerPC

"This person was plugging in their monitor cable into the motherboard instead of the graphics card. Because [of the] Viewabo app, I didn't have to have them send in their graphics card for a replacement."

-- Tech Support Representative at CyberPowerPC

An Easy-To-Use Visual Platform.

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High Performer in G2's Fall 2022 Report for Remote Support Software.

Value For Money

"I truly enjoy it, and it helps a lot for my job."
— Technical Support Manager


"Our customers enjoy the ease of access. It's pretty simple & fast"— Customer Support Professional

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