Remote Video Support

Viewabo is a remote video support tool that helps customer support agents resolve their toughest issues faster using real-time video built into their help desk system. Customer support agents gain the ability to see what their customers see, making it faster to resolve issues compared to traditional methods.

What's It About?

What's the Issue?

Find Issues Faster

See what your customers see. Often, your customers don't even know what the issue is, so how can they describe it to you over the phone or through email/chat? If you could only see what they were talking about, you could discover what the issue actually is.

How To Fix

Fix Issues Faster

Just knowing the problem is only the first step. Next you need to guide your customer on how to fix their problem. How do you do that if you can't see what they are looking at? Is it this button or that button that they are supposed to press? If only you had a way to show them what they should do.


Satisfied Faster

By the time customers are contacting customer support, they are already frustrated. They want their problem solved as fast as possible. The last thing they want to do is listen to the agent trying to figure out what the problem is. The faster you can solve their problem, the happier your customers will be.

How Does It Work?


Agent Requests Camera Access

Agent makes a request for the customer to share their smartphone camera through their help desk.

Customer Shares Camera

Customer receives the request and agrees to share their camera which starts a real-time video stream to the agent's help desk.


Agent Annotates On Video

Agent sees the video stream from the customer's camera and can annotate on the customer's video in real-time to guide them on fixing the issue.

Want To Resolve Issues Faster?

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