What Is Viewabo?

Imagine a world where product support agents could literally see through the eyes of their customers. Welcome to Viewabo! We've revolutionized the game by allowing agents to securely request access to a customer's smartphone camera. That's right—real-time video sharing, no app required!

We all know how frustrating it is to describe complicated issues via email, chat, or even a voice call. Lengthy conversations, misunderstandings, and unending back-and-forths—what a nightmare! But now, agents can instantly view what you're facing, making problem diagnosis a breeze.

Our mission? To make remote product support not just equal to, but better than in-person product support. Viewabo delivers a game-changing experience by enabling your business to understand issues from your customers' perspectives. The result? Lightning-fast solutions, less hassle, and a customer experience that's nothing short of amazing. Say goodbye to the old ways and elevate your product support to a whole new level with Viewabo!

How Did We Get Started?

One afternoon, our founder George was having a conversation with the CEO of a fast-growing company, about a new offering they had launched. It was selling very well, but they kept getting product support requests that they couldn’t easily resolve through email, chat or phone.

It reminded George about the frustrations he had when providing tech support over the phone for his mom. Instead of having her verbally describe the problem, George would have her use video chat on their phones to show him the problem. George suggested the CEO do the same with his customers. But the CEO said it doesn’t look professional using a consumer video chat app and more importantly, for compliance, his company needed to keep a recording of the video.

George suggested he could build a service that would enable a support agent to request access to a customer’s smartphone camera – without the use of an app – and to have everything integrated with the help desk system that the CEO’s company was using. The CEO got excited and agreed to use the service when it became available.

George spent the next two months developing a working prototype then presented it to the CEO and his product support team. Upon seeing the demo, a support agent raised his hand and asked, “Can we have this today?” George realized that there was still a lot of room for improving the product support experience and started on a mission to make remote product support better than in-person product support. And thus, Viewabo was born.