The Complete Guide To Amazing Customer Interactions – Part 3

Customer interactions allow a business to understand and address customer issues to guarantee a better experience. As a result, a brand can develop a loyal customer base that will remain with the business, thus improving its profitability and brand power. The importance of customer interaction cannot be overstated, as every small good or bad customer interaction adds to the whole customer experience. Below are 7 reasons why customer interactions matter:

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The Complete Guide To Amazing Customer Interactions – Part 1

This short series of blogs is Viewabo’s Complete Guide to Amazing Customer Interactions. As we start the new year, we want to help our readers get a great kick-off to 2023. This guide can be a launching point for you and your team to redefine what customers mean to your business and develop strategies to engage customers in more meaningful ways. 

Part 1 will cover customer interactions and the different types of customers.

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Announcing Viewabo’s SOC 2 Type I Certification

Data security is our ongoing commitment to protecting user information and privacy.

As a trusted cloud-based remote visual support service provider, SOC 2 Type I certification demonstrates that Viewabo has implemented strong controls and systems to meet the highest standards for information security. 

“We are happy to obtain our SOC 2 Type I certification. We take the responsibility of our customer’s data seriously, and this certification demonstrates our commitment to security.”
– George Cheng, Viewabo CEO.

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5 Ways To Build Customer Loyalty For Long-Term Growth

Regular customers come and go, but loyal ones stay. Customer loyalty measures the likelihood of a customer doing business with a brand over an extended period. The more reliable a customer is, the stronger the emotional bond and willingness to interact and make repeat purchases. 

A natural affinity and trust develop when a customer has a good experience, eventually becoming a form of loyalty. When successfully nurtured, loyal customers can be depended on to make frequent purchases, use the products they buy, and engage in more profound ways with a brand.

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Customer Retention Strategies For Practical Profitability

Customer retention is the percentage of customers who stick with a company over a specific amount of time. This is the opposite of the churn rate, which is how many people leave in a period of time. For businesses looking to navigate through difficult times, turning to keep current customers may have a bigger impact on the bottom line than finding new customers.

Other researchers found the cost of acquiring new consumers can be 5 to 25 times costlier than retaining existing customers. In addition, capturing new customers is only successful 5-20% of the time.

Everything points to higher customer retention as much easier and more profitable than focusing on new prospects.

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Mobile Web for an Easier Field Service Experience

Viewabo Mobile Web is the newest addition to Viewabo for technical support or service agents to troubleshoot on the fly and communicate with their customers on their mobile devices from any location. 

Today, we’re helping Viewabo users take their support workflow to the next level — we’ve released Viewabo Mobile Web so that technicians who work in the field can easily diagnose problems from their mobile devices with Viewabo anytime, anywhere. 

As an agent, you can now log in to Viewabo directly from your mobile devices via a web browser. Once you’re logged into Viewabo Mobile Web, you’ll have 3 ways to connect with your customers–SMS, Email, and Link.

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The Why, What, And How of Customer Lifetime Value

Why should you care about Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)?

The simple answer is profits! A Harvard Business School research report found that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. Customer retention helps businesses recoup the investment they make when acquiring customers. Anything beyond the initial purchase is extra sales at typically higher profit margins. Because there are almost no additional costs to the business, a higher CLTV equals more sales and profits.

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Why Text-Only Communication Fails?

Companies are adding a chat box or chatbot to their customer service offerings by popular demand. They are great tools to get in touch with a company and receive some personalized answers to quick questions. But text-based communication has some shortcomings and pitfalls that must be addressed within a company’s customer communication strategy.

As texting and instant messaging are so prevalent in our personal lives, it is easy to see why many customers prefer to text message a company from an app or website instead of calling or going in for an in-person visit. Just like how whole conversations with friends and family can be done from a consent stream of texts and emojis, customers now expect the same from businesses. Some customers prefer or have totally adopted text-base communications forgoing other types of communications, but is this the best for them?

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