How to Elevate Your Ecommerce Business with Advanced Digital Tools

New technologies are redefining eCommerce as we know it. If you run a digital business, consider how you can integrate technology across your business to streamline operations and provide a customer experience that your competitors can’t beat. Small businesses have access to an abundance of tools and services, such as Viewabo’s remote visual support solution, that foster digital transformation and subsequent business growth.

Going beyond simple eCommerce capabilities and implementing advanced digital tools can benefit your business in countless ways. You’ll provide a better customer experience, boost efficiency behind the scenes, enhance employee morale, and make smarter decisions that accelerate business growth.

Identify Inefficiencies With Business Process Management

Poor business processes will hold your business back from growth. Mogel explains that solid and scalable business processes can generate smooth transitions and help your business reach its full potential. The practice of evaluating your existing business processes and identifying opportunities for improvement is called business process management (BPM). Look at your repetitive business tasks and think about ways to leverage automation to build more efficient processes. Business process automation results in increased productivity, reduced costs, fewer errors, and faster cycle times. Monitor the results of your BPM improvements so you can commit to continuous optimizations as your business grows.

Optimize for Mobile eCommerce

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is quickly overtaking desktop-based online shopping as the leading form of e-commerce. More and more people are using their phones to buy things online. Mobile commerce is expected to account for 44.2 percent of retail eCommerce sales in the U.S. by 2025. Your eCommerce business must be optimized for mobile shopping. Beyond building a responsive website, you may even want to build a mobile app that customers can browse your store, make purchases, track orders, and review past purchases.

Accept Payments from Digital Wallets

Another way to support mobile commerce is to accept digital wallets on your eCommerce store. How often have you typed out your credit card number on your phone? Is anything more frustrating? Seemingly minor frustrations like these can cause customers to abandon their carts entirely. Even when customers shop on desktop computers, they expect to be able to use their digital wallets when buying from brands online.

Use Data to Personalize eCommerce Experiences

Ecommerce personalization is more than just a trend—it’s a necessity. Today’s most successful brands are those that capture their customers’ attention through the use of commerce personalization. According to Shopify, personalization boosts conversion rates by 10-15% and enhances customer satisfaction by 20%! Furthermore, you can leverage personalization tactics to customize individual shopping experiences.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Remote Support Tools

Minor improvements in customer satisfaction can yield significant profit increases because convincing customers to shop from you again is far more affordable than tracking down new customers, producing a high ROI. Using digital tools to enhance the customer support experience is a great way to boost customer satisfaction. Use social media management tools to gain insight into customer preferences, remote video call software to offer efficient solutions to customer problems, and knowledge base guides so customers can find answers to minor issues on their own. Not only will these remote support tools make your customers happier, but they’ll also save your business a lot of time!

Don’t let your use of technology stop with the creation of your eCommerce website. Online businesses can employ digital tools to cut costs, save time, and provide a better experience to online shoppers. Your business will be unstoppable with the proper digital advancements on your side!

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Guest post by Eva Benoit.