Jump on a Video Call for Tech Support or You’re Doing It Wrong

If it’s not part of your standard operating procedure to just jump on a video call with people at this point, you are doing it wrong.

Linus Sebastian, Linus Tech Tips

Welcome to the Visual Age of Customer Support!

Hey folks! Let’s dive into something that’s shaking up the tech support world. Ever heard of Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips? He’s a guy who knows a thing or two about tech, and his YouTube channel is a goldmine with over 15 million subscribers. So, he recently dropped this bomb of a video – and get this – it scored over a million views in the first 24 hours. The hot topic? How gaming computer manufacturers are handling (or fumbling) their customer support.

A Peek Behind the Support Curtain

In this almost hour-long video, you getting an up-close look at what it’s like to seek help from these tech companies. We’ve all been there, stuck on a call, watching the clock tick away and feeling our patience wear thin. This video mirrors those moments, showcasing the all-too-familiar frustration of customers lost in the maze of traditional support.

The Game Changer: Video Support to the Rescue

But here’s where the plot thickens. Amidst these tales of support woes, two companies break the mold by bringing in video tools. This isn’t just keeping up with tech trends; it’s a revolutionary approach to understanding and solving customer issues. It’s like they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words, but a video? That’s the jackpot for nailing customer satisfaction.

Seeing is Believing: The Power of Video Support

These segments with video support are like a breath of fresh air. Customers and support reps connect over video, transforming troubleshooting from a guessing game into a collaborative fix-it session. It’s like having a tech wizard teleport into your living room to sort things out.

Looking Ahead: The Future Is Visual

This shift towards visual tools in support isn’t just a passing phase. Compared to Linus’s earlier videos on this series, where video support was non-existent, this latest one is a clear sign of progress toward the use of visual tool in support. Not every tech hiccup needs a video call, but these tools are the support superheroes when the clock’s ticking.

Wrapping Up: The Visual Revolution in Tech Support

So, what’s the takeaway? Jumping on a video call for tech support isn’t just cool; it’s becoming essential. Linus Tech Tips has spotlighted this trend, showing us that the future of customer support is as much about seeing as it is about talking. It’s a game-changer and we’re just starting this visual journey in customer support.

This shift towards more visual and interactive customer support methods is not just a trend but a fundamental change in how companies and customers communicate. The future of tech support is visual, and it’s clear that companies not on board with this change need to catch up or risk falling behind.

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