Streem Alternatives… Miss The Mark

After Streem announced it’s shutting down, leaving many in the lurch, I bet you’ve been searching for something just as good, if not better, to fill that gap. If you’ve tried Googling for Streem alternatives, the options are underwhelming. You see a lot of general stuff like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype popping up. But let’s be honest, none of those hit the mark regarding what Streem was about.

Here’s the Thing About Those Streem Alternatives

Most of these so-called Streem alternatives are jack-of-all-trades types. They’re great for a quick video call or sharing your screen. Still, when it comes to the nitty-gritty of customer support – actually seeing what your customers are dealing with through their smartphone camera – they just don’t cut it. It’s like using a Swiss Army knife when you need a scalpel.

Why Viewabo is Different

That’s where Viewabo steps in. Think of us as the bespoke solution you’ve been searching for. We’re not just another video call tool. We let your support team see through your customer’s camera, making it a breeze to guide them through whatever issue they face. No miscommunications, no endless back-and-forth, just straight-up problem-solving.

  • No Downloads Needed: One of the biggest headaches with other tools is making your customer download an app to get help. With Viewabo, that’s a non-issue. They don’t need to download a thing, which means getting to the heart of the problem faster.
  • Hands-On Help: We’re talking live annotations and cursors on their screen so you can pinpoint what they should do. It’s like being there in person, but you know, without actually needing to be there.
  • Flexible Support: Not everyone will reach out during business hours, and that’s cool. Our asynchronous video support lets your customers show you the problem on their own time, and you can get back to them on yours.

So, Why Settle?

I get it. Finding a Streem alternative that doesn’t feel like a downgrade is tough. But that’s precisely why I’m here telling you about Viewabo. We’re not just another option; we’re the option for taking your customer support from “ugh” to “oh wow.”

Give Viewabo a Shot

If you’re tired of wading through a sea of meh alternatives and want something that actually steps up to the plate, it’s time to check out Viewabo. Drop us a line, take a peek at our site, or better yet, let us show you what we’re all about with a demo. Let’s make your switch from Streem a smooth one.

Learn how Viewabo helps enhance customer experiences.