Outsourcing Customer Service

Real-Time Collaboration Enhancing Outsourced Customer Service

As major companies continue to lay off workers to reduce operational costs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular option for streamlining operations while maintaining high customer satisfaction. In March alone, companies like Meta announced another 10,000 more layoffs; this is on top of companies like Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft, which together total more than 40,000 layoffs so far in 2023. Outsourcing customer services to third-party service providers can be a way to make up for lost productivity and customer satisfaction. And tools like Viewabo can significantly help both the company doing the outsourcing and the service provider be successful.

It’s important for companies looking to outsource to ensure the quality of service provided by their outsourcing service provider and to address concerns such as service quality, potential miscommunication, language barriers, and security risks. That’s where Viewabo comes in as a cutting-edge customer service tool that provides real-time visual support to customers, enabling companies to outsource their customer service centers confidently.

5 Ways Viewabo Can Help Outsourced Customer Service Providers

Here are some of the ways Viewabo can help:

Real-Time Visual Support

Viewabo offers real-time visual support that enables customer service agents to diagnose and resolve issues faster than in person. By sending an SMS link to access their phone cameras, customers can show agents precisely what they are experiencing, enabling them to see real-time issues and provide more accurate support.

For example, if a customer is experiencing difficulty setting up a new product, they can use their phone camera to show the agent their issue. The agent can then use on-screen annotations to guide the customer through the process, resulting in faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

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Time Difference Mitigation

Viewabo can also help to overcome the challenges of time differences between the outsourced service provider and the customers they serve. Viewabo Request’s video recordings allows agents to diagnose and resolve issues when available. This eliminates the need for lengthy back-and-forth communications that time zone differences can further complicate.

For example, imagine a customer in the United States needing technical support for a product they purchased from a company based in India. Instead of waiting hours for a response due to the time zone difference, the customer can use Viewabo to record a video for the agent, regardless of the time difference. The agent can then provide more through assistance, resulting in faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Improved Communication

Viewabo helps bridge the gap in understanding between customers and agents by providing a visual representation of the issue at hand. This helps to eliminate miscommunication, cultural differences, and language barriers that can often arise when outsourcing to customer service centers.

For example, suppose a customer is experiencing an issue with a product. In that case, they can use Viewabo to show the agent precisely what they are experiencing without trying to explain in a language they may not be familiar with. The agent can then use on-screen annotations to guide the customer through the resolution without lengthy written and verbal explanations, resulting in clearer communication and more efficient issue resolution. 

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Reduced Support Costs

Using Viewabo, outsourcing service providers can reduce support costs associated with customer service centers. This is because the tool enables agents to resolve issues faster and more efficiently, resulting in shorter call times and fewer callbacks. These savings can then get passed on back to the outsourcing company.

For example, an outsourcing service provider can use Viewabo to help agents to diagnose and resolve technical issues remotely. The resulting shorter call times and fewer callbacks can lead to significant cost savings for the service provider as they can handle more calls with the same number of agents.

Improved Record-Keeping

Viewabo provides a recording of each video session, which can be used for training, quality assurance, and auditing. The company needs to evaluate the service the outsourcing partner provides continually. This can improve record-keeping and ensure that the agents provide consistent service, high-quality support, and fast adjustments.

For example, the company’s customer service manager reviews a selected number of calls weekly; with Viewabo, they can see and hear what happens during calls. After reviews, they can identify product, process, and service delivery issues before making changes. These changes can be shared with the service provider for faster improvement and implementation.

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Customer Service Provider Successfully Outsource With Viewabo

Outsourcing customer service is a viable option for companies looking to streamline their operations and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. However, outsourcing has challenges like communication barriers and service quality concerns. Viewabo is a powerful tool that addresses these issues by providing real-time visual support, mitigating time differences, and enhancing communication between agents and customers. Additionally, Viewabo helps reduce support costs, improve record-keeping, and ultimately improve customer retention.

Companies considering outsourcing their customer service centers can benefit from using Viewabo. It provides a professional and successful approach to outsourcing that benefits everyone involved. If you want to learn more about how Viewabo can help your company achieve its customer service goals, please get in touch with us today.