Support Experience Is A Magic Source Of Differentiation

Jason Lemkin, a VC and founder of SaaStr, published the blog post “Great Support Really Can Make Up For a Lot of Things“, highlighting how a competitor to the product he co-founded and sold to Adobe does better by providing an excellent customer support experience.

“Support isn’t a cost center. It’s a magic source of differentiation.”

Jason Lemkin, SaaStr

Jason’s post describes his own experience with Adobe Sign and DocuSign. Both offer similar products at their core to the same profile of customers. Jason points out that Adobe’s solution is actually easier to use than DocuSign, but to his own admission, he agrees that DocuSign has a better customer support experience than Adobe Sign.

Jason provided suggestions to Adobe and other companies on strengthening their customer support experience. He emphasized that upgrading support is the #1 thing to do to make customers happier and win deals.

Jason’s 7 pieces of advice

  1. Do live chat, don’t just use chat bots
  2. Provide phone support
  3. Listen in on support calls to learn
  4. Use humans to do live onboarding
  5. Conduct weekly webinars for new customers
  6. Create a team to enable partners
  7. Provide great API support

Jason spoke about the need to focus on the customer from the moment they sign up for your SaaS, to covering different types of support and getting first-hand feedback. We have written many posts about similar ideas, such as those below:

These posts cover key areas of customer support and how Viewabo can be used to help companies communicate successfully with customers. Follow us to learn more about how you and your company can provide better support experiences and use them as a magic source of differentiation.