9 Steps To Building A Customer Journey Map and 3 Tips To Make It Great

If you found this blog, you were probably researching why you are losing customers in your pipeline. What could be the cause, and where are you losing people? To figure this out, you must first understand everything a customer goes through when interacting with your business. Next, you are looking to grasp your customer journey, and eventually, you are looking to use it to improve your customer’s experience with your business.

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Applying the 7 P’s of Customer Support

Customers have come to expect great customer support from companies. Those who get high marks are rewarded with customer loyalty and a brand that attracts new customers without spending huge marketing dollars. But great customer support is not a given nor easy to achieve in a short amount of time. The responsibility falls on the companies vying for their customer’s attention to provide the tools that nature their customer support practices and ingrain customer-centric thinking into their culture. Although Viewabo cannot help with changing a company’s culture, we can provide the tools needed for great customer support services. Viewabo has defined 7 key areas of customer support that apply to all companies and used our product offerings to illustrate how remote customer support can enhance both the customer and customer support agent’s success.

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How to Elevate Your Ecommerce Business with Advanced Digital Tools

Guest post by Eva Benoit.

New technologies are redefining eCommerce as we know it. If you run a digital business, consider how you can integrate technology across your business to streamline operations and provide a customer experience that your competitors can’t beat. Small businesses have access to an abundance of tools and services, such as Viewabo’s remote visual support solution, that foster digital transformation and subsequent business growth.

Going beyond simple eCommerce capabilities and implementing advanced digital tools can benefit your business in countless ways. You’ll provide a better customer experience, boost efficiency behind the scenes, enhance employee morale, and make smarter decisions that accelerate business growth.

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Don’t Stop at Customer Support, Think Bigger

We trade our best products and services to lure in customers to do business with us. They get great products and in exchange, we get their hard-earn cash. But when should we consider a customer, a customer? And when should we start managing their perception of our business?

Traditionally, we would consider someone who has purchased our products as a customer. If someone is browsing or still considering a purchase, that would fall under the realm of marketing and sales. In terms of customer relationship management, we would provide customer support. Customer support is for people who brought our products and found a problem which needs additional services. As a business, we provide a set of practices and procedures that assist customers after a sale.

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What is Next for Call Support?

Call center agents exist in most companies. They are the agents who handle incoming or outgoing customer calls within a business. They are the ones helping customers deal with locked bank accounts, setting up a speaker system, or finding that reset button on a device. Call center agents manage customer relationships by identifying needs, answering questions, solving problems, and building trust. They also up-sell products, get feedback, and gain insight directly from the customer.

Each instance a customer calls in is a critical interpersonal communication touchpoint between a customer and a business. One lousy customer call support experience might be the difference between a loyal customer for years to come or losing one.

We can all agree that call center agents are essential to keeping customers happy and vital to the success of any business. A small communication breakdown during a call is not just a one-star review. In the long-term, bad customer call support may hurt a business’ brand and bottom line.

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Four must-have remote customer support tools

What is currently in your company’s remote customer support toolbox? Perhaps you have invested in a software solution like Zendesk but have yet to explore beyond its basic features. Or, you have a Facebook page but no dedicated team members monitoring inquiries on the platform. Expensive resources are being wasted and support requests are going unseen. In response, your customer satisfaction scores are starting to drop and returns are piling up. To meet customers’ expectations for speed, efficiency, and quality, service teams need to have more than just phone and email.

In this article, we will discuss the four must-have remote customer support tools businesses need to satisfy customers in 2022.

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Why now is the right time to use video for customer support

“Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?” Does anyone remember this Verizon commercial from the 2000s? While the intent of the video was to show that Verizon had wide cellular coverage across the United States, it makes me think about the painful experiences I’ve had when I had no idea what my friends or family were trying to tell me.

Now imagine they’re asking you for help with their computer, except they’re not tech-savvy and their computer won’t turn on. What do you do?

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Five reasons why video support is the future of customer service

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of video tools for customer service. Research found that 76% of European consumers plan to use video to contact businesses just as, if not more, often after the pandemic is over. There is a wide range of reasons why video for customer support is becoming an essential service. This article will dive into what we see as the top five reasons why video support is the future of customer service.

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ScreenMeet: Making Remote Help Easy with Screen Sharing

In our current digital age, assisting customers quickly and effectively is essential. The old ways of support are changing, and now screen sharing is fast becoming a favorite for visual help. One tool making waves in this space is ScreenMeet. This article takes you through what ScreenMeet is all about, its pluses, the minuses, and the other tools you might consider.

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